Zink’s Town Succulent Bar Experience

Traveling is such a wonderful time. The kids and I get to try out great new things. On Tik Tok, I saw this video for a succulent bar. The idea was:

  • Pick a planter
  • Pick a succulent
  • Make a wish and plant it
  • Pick gemstones and flowers that help your wish come true
  • Plant the succulent with the dirt and special gemstones
  • Water it a tad
  • Take it home!

The Experience

My daughter and I had such an amazing experience. When you walk in the shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, you find a bright and happy atmosphere. They sell teas, zodiac accessories, trinkets, and more. The employees were so kind, greeting us with smiles. We told them that we were there for the succulent bar.

They showed us to the planters which were super cute. They had all sorts of shapes and sizes, the bigger ones obviously priced higher. The experience starts at $39, everything included. This is the price point Eveyln and I went for. We debated over a few cute planters. There was a ladybug, a bumble bee, and a bird that we liked. We decided on the rose gold bird.

Putting It Together

The next step was making a wish. I can’t tell you what our wishes are….or they won’t come true. This was a neat practice-working toward manifesting my wish. We then hit the singing bowl and went around it 4 times to help make our wish come true. After we wrote it down, we got to pick some gemstones that helped our practice and put it in the bottom of our planter with the wish. It was neat because it came with a little brochure on what each stone does or promotes. So Evelyn and I picked our stones. Next, we picked flowers in much the same way. There was a little brochure that said what the flowers did and we picked. Evelyn helped me scoop them into the tiny apothecary jar.

Next, we planted the succulent in the planter, and had a great time doing it. It was very simple, and the succulents all looked so healthy. Finally, we added some decorations to the top (colored sand, a few pretty sparkly do-dads, etc).

The plant was ready to take home. So, if you are ever in New Mexico, check out Zink’s Town. It was such a wonderful time to spend with my daughter.

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