Why Do Leaves Change Color

Its always fun to make themed lessons for the kids. Now that Fall is coming, I figured I would do a fun lesson on the leaves changing color. Science is great for engaging little minds. So, the kids and I are going to do a fun little segment in school.

Why Do Leaves Change Color Book

We are going to start with a wonderful Scholastic Book called Why Do Leaves Change Color? Believe it or not, my mom atually got this book for me when I was a child. Now, here I am reading it to my kids.

Next, we are going to go outside and look at the leaves, reinforcing how the cholorphyl makes them have their green color. If we find other leaves, we will talk about why they are changing color, again reinforcing the book.

Finally, we will end this lesson with a craft. Shaving cream leaves. I used these leaves, and printed them on cardstock. (It is always nice to find a free printable.) Cardstock is a must here.

Next, add shaving cream to some shallow dishes. If you have disposable pie plates, use those. I don’t currently have any.

Then, add paint to the top. (Kids and washable paint are good ideas.) Swirl the fall colors around with a Popsicle stick. The goal is to not mix the colors, but swirl it so they can all be appreciated.

Dip the leaf cut outs in there. Lift straight up. Let dry a bit.

Finally, scrape the paint in your desired pattern to create creative colorful leaves.

Look for another fun project with sidewalk chalk paint here.

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  1. I was always curious about how leaves change color. What an educational blog. Science is a wonderous thing.

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