Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

Today, we are going to make a toilet paper roll snowman! It is super cute, and fun to make! As mentioned in a recent blog post , crafting with the kids does not have to be some expensive experience. (Check it out if you missed it!) Today, I am going to show you a craft that you probably have most if not all the supplies you need. By the way, if you don’t want to miss anything, including exclusive content and giveaways, subscribe to The Strong Homemaker.

Learning Opportunities

This craft can highlight many learning opportunities including listening skills, following directions, motor skills, counting (how many buttons or black dots to paint), color recognition, and more! Turn every moment into a teaching moment!

Supplies for Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

  • Toilet Paper tube, wrapping paper tube, etc
  • White paint
  • 2 Pom poms
  • Black paint or old buttons
  • Orange construction paper cut into a triangle (optional)
  • Felt or construction paper for a scarf
  • Craft Glue or Elmers (craft Glue works better)
  • Scissors
  • Paint brushes or Popsicle sticks

Have your children paint the tube white for the snowman’s body. If you do not have Popsicle sticks, make it a finger painting project!

Use black paint and an eraser to dot on the eyes and mouth of the snowman.

Use the orange construction paper to create the carrot and glue it on as the snowman’s nose.

Glue the bottons or paint 3 dots for the snowman’s body.

Add a pipe cleaner and pom poms for ear muffs!

This is a wonderful craft that the kids will most certainly enjoy on a cold January Day! Enjoy some delicious hot chocolate while you create lasting memories.

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