The Mystery of the Tall Woman

mystery of the tall woman
I collect antique Nancy Drew Books–I like a good mystery

I had an incident occur before my eyes, that I thought I could use as a lesson for ladylike behavior. I was in a Mexican fast food chain the other day, and saw the tallest woman I had ever seen. Not only that…. she was beautiful. Ladies, I am 5’3 and I scarcely came up to this woman’s shoulders. She was dressed very fashionably, very feminine.

A Nancy Drew Mystery

Standing there, I was wondering about this woman, if she was a basketball player….a model? I was pondering a mystery beauty? I like a good mystery. People that come to my house often see my collection of antique Nancy Drew books.

Speaking of Nancy Drew, don’t bother with the new show. What used to be a beautiful American girl with dreams, goals, and a wholesome relationship with Ned Nickerson–is now a show riddled with her hating her father and having casual sex with Ned. They said they are making her “the new age American girl.” I was very excited to share the show with my daughter, then realized it was garbage before we ever tuned in. (CW can be expecting a terse letter from me.)

Back to What I was Supposed to be Discussing…

I had never in my life seen a woman so tall and so beautiful. We were waiting in line, and finally she came up to the front, upset over an incorrect order. Her words, her anger, and her actions were quite unbecoming.

Somehow, this was highly disappointing. I expected her to be some glorious lady. That is what she exuded. As a woman, I had never seen a woman look so…Diana Prince….(Wonder Woman, an Amazon), and act so opposite her natural beauty and grace. It was a crack in the mirror.

Yes, this blog post is short and sweet, but I want to remind you that you can look as beautiful as you want, spend as much money on makeup, have the latest on trend hair and clothing as you want, but if you are ugly on the inside–all that money isn’t worth it. Remember a gracious woman is a grateful woman, check that blog post out here.

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