You have surely seen my blog posts on self evaluation, self worth, regrowth vs reset, and New Year New Start. Each of those is meant to motivate us or give us a way to move forward. My Platform I have been very pensive about the platform I have to share my journey with others. My goal is to lead by example. I don’t do this to show off “how awesome I am.” I share all sides of my journey– success and failure– to share why this lifestyle, why my life choices are worth it to me. My hope is that by reading my blog postsRead More →

Opportunity Often times, humans are presented with opportunities. A new job, a new car, having babies, or other life changing events. Every movement through life presents a choice…presents opportunity. Life Changing Milestones I am 30 now. As you know, I got married at 18 and my husband was wounded when I was 19. There were certain milestones I crossed as an adult. I got counseling to find the confidence to let go of what other people wanted me to be, and gained then independence to decide how I wanted to move through life. I got counseling so I could learn how to help with andRead More →

  Self Worth Okay, I admit, I struggle with self worth and have from a young age. I will not explain how I got where I am. Dwelling on such things is honestly how I got here. I am not a very confident woman in many areas. Let me be honest here and say this trait bothers my husband. It bothers him that he has such a good wife who fails to see her own goodness, and chooses to only focus on her short comings. It has even gone as far as to anger him.  (There are no images in this blog post for aRead More →