You have surely seen my blog posts on self evaluation, self worth, regrowth vs reset, and New Year New Start. Each of those is meant to motivate us or give us a way to move forward. My Platform I have been very pensive about the platform I have to share my journey with others. My goal is to lead by example. I don’t do this to show off “how awesome I am.” I share all sides of my journey– success and failure– to share why this lifestyle, why my life choices are worth it to me. My hope is that by reading my blog postsRead More →

Me time dilema

Real Struggles with Me Time   Ladies, you read my preachings quite often on self care. Read my article on practicing self care here. You might think I am an expert on the subject. Yes, I am an expert but I am not a good follower of my own advice. I have a me time dilemma. Right now, I am trying to allow myself some down time. My husband is away fishing for a week. I keep finding myself feeling like there is something I should be doing…..for my house, for my kids, for my husband who isnt even home. In my heart I feelRead More →

About a year ago, if you came up to me and told me that I needed to find time to take care of myself, I would have laughed in your face. My answer would be, “There isn’t time for that.” Who in the heck has time for Self Care? I would argue that I did not have time. On that note, a year ago, I was a frazzled mess. It was then, I was adjusting to my newborn boy being here,  and trying to navigate EVERYTHING. I was caring for a teething son, my daughter, my severly, permanently disabled husband (…thanks to a tour inRead More →