Opportunity Often times, humans are presented with opportunities. A new job, a new car, having babies, or other life changing events. Every movement through life presents a choice…presents opportunity. Life Changing Milestones I am 30 now. As you know, I got married at 18 and my husband was wounded when I was 19. There were certain milestones I crossed as an adult. I got counseling to find the confidence to let go of what other people wanted me to be, and gained then independence to decide how I wanted to move through life. I got counseling so I could learn how to help with andRead More →

Resolutions The New Year is often a time that we make resolutions, ones that don’t stick. Dig Deeper Let’s talk about what is on your heart right now. Let us dig deeper than losing 20 pounds. Many of us are unhappy with the world today. Terrorism has become so common place we scarcely blink when it hits the news. People are so glued to their phones that the human experience is being lost. I don’t wish to get too political here, but I am sure each of us can go on, at length, about our fears of raising children in this world. Whether or notRead More →