Over the years, I have seen all sorts of marital relationships. One thing that makes me cringe quite often is public emasculation. I see it all too often. The typical response to a woman doing this is the man laughing it off. I have noticed when interactions like that are common, they seem to define the general dynamic of the relationship. I want to be clear-I don’t mean something as simple as a wife telling a joke in good taste. I mean absolute embarrassment and emasculation. The Reasons I have seen this dynamic present it self in several ways throughout my life. Here are myRead More →

Opportunity Often times, humans are presented with opportunities. A new job, a new car, having babies, or other life changing events. Every movement through life presents a choice…presents opportunity. Life Changing Milestones I am 30 now. As you know, I got married at 18 and my husband was wounded when I was 19. There were certain milestones I crossed as an adult. I got counseling to find the confidence to let go of what other people wanted me to be, and gained then independence to decide how I wanted to move through life. I got counseling so I could learn how to help with andRead More →