Surviving Thanksgiving


If you are playing host for Thanksgiving, there is probably some stress on your plate. We ladies want everything to be perfect from the food, down to what napkins we use on our table.

But, maybe while we are stressing about our perfect dishes, or our perfect center piece, we need to step back and remember what this is all about. Maybe, instead of politics we can skip the arguing.


Perhaps, we can breathe just long enough to take in the simple joys of Thanksgiving. This Norman Rockwell painting above says it all. Mother and son, in the kitchen peeling potatoes. She looks on at her son with such pride. Maybe we can take a moment this year to actually enjoy the simple things instead of going through the motions.

Thanksgiving nr

What does this image bring to your heart? Maybe pride in American tradition, maybe the happiness of a family gathering, not simple obligations events.

Maybe we can see beyond ourselves to help our fellow neighbor or a veteran. Maybe this year we can really actually be thankful for our lives, our freedom, family, and good fortune.

Colonists came to America in search of the three G’s. God, glory, and Gold. Even today, we can take that challenge on and rediscover our relationship with a higher power or reaffirm whatever beliefs you have. You can find glory in all that you do for your family day in and day out. You can search for gold physically, but I think the metaphorical take is much deeper and will leave you richer. Discover that the gold is the people you love. For they are more precious than any rare metal. You never know how many more trips you have around the sun.

Family Holiday Thanksgiving Xmas

So, today, and every day, be thankful. Take a step back from the tiny details of planning dinner and appreciate the things you have, genuinely.

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