Spring Cleaning — Getting in the Mood

Picture if you will….

Vintage pyrex

It is Spring, 1947, Sinatra is playing on the radio, sound coming from the large radio cabinet in the living room.

1940s radio ad

Your husband is off at work, and you are so proud of him. He came home from the war in 1945, and settled in to the American Dream — a house and one child, another on the way.

The day is bright, crisp, the sun beginning to warm the once frozen earth with Spring time. The time has come for you to Spring Clean. You open the windows to let the fresh breeze blow through the soft curtains while removing all of the bedding for deep cleaning.

Happy 1940s

What an optimistic time it was. The War had ended. People had steady jobs, many 9-5. They had survived the depression, a new age was beginning. People were having children, sometimes, many children. But the family was very tight knit. Many women went away from their war jobs back home to start a family. However, yes, some stayed in the work force. During this budding era, morals were at an all time high. People went to church on Sunday or took part in the community in other helpful ways.

Ah, yes, the 1940s-1950s are an era I long for. With Spring Cleaning just around the corner, there are so many thoughts in my mind. With spring cleaning, I can set a better example for my daughter by always evolving when it comes to homemaking, changing things for the better.

This is a time for every homemaker to start anew, if they stick their nose to the grind stone. Spring Clean the home and the soul.

I need to approach all of my cleaning more tactfully than before. Because here, another year, I find myself reorganizing things I thought were in good places. CLEARLY, I am lacking true efficiency. I need to purge some things we don’t use. I need to clean every surface. Funny How often we don’t notice something down low towards the floor until we sit down on the floor see marks on the wall ¬†or handprints on furniture. (Maybe that is just me.)

I will be doing a series on Spring Cleaning for both our home and our souls. Stay tuned for more. The next installment will be entitled, “A Place for Everything.”



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