Self Defense

Just because we are women, does not mean we ought to be rendered helpless or afraid of situations that we find ourselves in. So, today, I decided to take some time to talk about self defense and things you can do to keep yourself safe. (Disclaimer: Yes you can carry a gun if you would like, I am not here to opine on the issue of carrying a gun. )

Simple Tips in Self Defense

At night, park underneath a light in a parking lot, preferably close to the storefront. Staying in an area usually well covered by cameras and lights are less likely to have a criminal element hidden around. If you are in a store late at night, it is OK to ask someone to walk you to your car if you are afraid. As you are walking toward your car, be observant to everything going on around you. Especially check beneath your car.

Many years ago, I learned that it is wise to hold your keys in your hand as if they were a weapon, sort of in the style of Wolverine.

However, upon more recent readings, I discovered this isn’t necessarily the best strategy. If you are at the point that this strategy may be effective, the attacker is too close. The article I read proposed using a kubaton. This item is a metal spike that is usually 5 to 6 inches long.

Lots of you ladies enjoy running or other leisure activities along quiet paths. This can lead to dangerous situations. However, there is a wonderful option that can help any runner. You can find that item here, on Divas for Defense, along with a bunch of other items that may help on your quest for feeling safe. The knuckles are reinforced hard plastic as a second defense to the built in pepper spray.

I am not a self defense expert, I have learned some things from my husband who is prior service in the Army. He is not always there to protect me. (For example, there was a time I was at a stoplight and a homeless guy wearing garbage bags tried to get in my car. I ran the red light in front of the sheriff’s office to get away. Truth be told, I was lucky that the car had automatic locks and the passenger door was locked! I had my children with me. It was a scary experience.)

There are certainly experts in your community on self defense. Your local police department non-emergency line can often lead you in the right direction. You can also google self defense classes for women! I wish you safety. Just be observant, be smart, and stay safe.

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