The Importance of Self Care

About a year ago, if you came up to me and told me that I needed to find time to take care of myself, I would have laughed in your face. My answer would be, “There isn’t time for that.” Who in the heck has time for Self Care? I would argue that I did not have time.

Homemaker so busy, reinforces need for Self Care, collage

On that note, a year ago, I was a frazzled mess. It was then, I was adjusting to my newborn boy being here,  and trying to navigate EVERYTHING. I was caring for a teething son, my daughter, my severly, permanently disabled husband (…thanks to a tour in Iraq…), two dogs, along with every single other responsibility that keeps a house running.  To put it short, I was a wreck. My poor hubby, he couldn’t get a grasp on my absolute stress, and it was stressing him out.

Stressed? Practice Self Care

Finally, I put my foot down, I needed to change. (See my article on Scheduling.) Now that I got my routine down, I was still missing something.  ME TIME.

Let me clear this up with you here and now, and pay attention.  EVEN THE MOST DEVOTED HOMEMAKER NEEDS TO PRACTICE SELF CARE.

Disclaimer: This is not designed to replace professional advice. This is just thoughts from my experiences. 

You have to be at your best, so your family can be at their best. In the 1955 Good Housekeeping magazine, they posted a list of rules for the good housewife. One of them mentions that a wife needs to rest, basically refresh herself before her husband comes home from work.

In my experience,  the woman can create the dynamic of her family, and her attitude can change that dynamic quite quickly. I know from my days of being absolutely frazzled. If I become frazzled, my husband becomes frazzled, then eventually the kids get worked up.  “YOU TIME” IS SO VERY IMPORTANT!

What you do for “YOU TIME” is clearly up to you. What would make you feel relaxed, or make you come back to your family refreshed?

Self Care, bath time

For me…it is my bath. A nice, hot, bath in a room BY MYSELF. My husband is very understanding of this time, because I am sure he can see a difference between frazzled Courtney and calm Courtney! I try to take my bath while the children nap.

But these days, it doesn’t quite work out that way. Now, quite often, I take a bath once the kids are in bed. It refreshes me before I take my “mom apron” off and turn into an attentive wife.

So take some time to do something for you, every day, at least once, even just one hour, and don’t worry, it can be broken up into smaller time increments. Trust me, it will change your entire outlook on life!

There are some apps for Self Care you might enjoy, here.

Use the comment section below to share with fellow readers what you to for yourself that you find helpful.


  1. My me time is to take a relaxing bubble bath, after the kids are in bed!

    1. Author

      I love doing that. The quiet retreat is amazing

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