Regrowth vs. Reset


Ladies, I was verily assured in mid January that my pointsettia plant was dead. Every single leaf yellowed and died. I left it on a shelf while waiting for the right box for  to put it in for the trash, and something magical happened. Leaves began to grow.


It reminded me of life. How often do we wish we could just live whilst holding a reset button? How often do we wish we could take something back, or do something different? How often do we feel pain or regret from the past?




However, in life there is no magical reset button to take words back. There is no reset button to undo pain or hurt.

By watching this plant, I learned something. It isn’t about the reset. It’s about regrowth. This plant faltered before my eyes and there was nothing I could do to save it. Every last leaf fell off. Just like a low point in our lives, we feel bare and exposed.


Slowly, I am watching the leaves grow back, I’m even watching some turn red up top! I playfully named her LilRed. We can grow back too! We can regrow better, stronger, smarter, or faster.

On the Level

Let me level with you ladies, I carry around my faults like a heavy burden. I seem to catalogue each and every fault, regardless of size. It is a poisonous, heavy weight.

I am coming to realize that I don’t need a reset, I need to bloom, I need to flourish. Those regrets or mistakes will be the fertilizer to the soil.


What Does This Have to do with Homemaking?

You are probably wondering how this fits in with being a homemaker! Your attitude towards life is something that you will present to your children. If you are living with pain, regret, the “I wish” statements, you are doing it wrong. Do you think it is possible to possess true happiness and fulfillment if you are always thinking about regret and mistakes? Live now! You will feel much lighter, and more engaged with your family.

This is a flaw I have that after many years I am trying to work on. Roll up your sleeves, and learn from the situation. Learn from my hardships.

While you can’t reset the past, you can change the NOW. You can change the future. For example, say you were snippy with your husband. No, you can’t Take it back. Reset your attitude. Stop what you are doing and find a quiet place. Take some breaths. Try to think of the source of your anger. Maybe you were over tired. Solution? Ask your spouse to watch the kids for a while so you can get some rest. Come to him and say “Hey, I am sorry I was snippy with you earlier. I am very tired, and I would be a lot more refreshed if you could watch the kids for an hour so that I can rest a while.” (See my article on self care and another one on asking for help.)

It is so important as homemakers that we hold the family together, but in a genuine way. Don’t fake it to make it. Dig in, regrow, and reset your outlook.

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