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A Look Into The Past

Going through my grandmother’s recipe drawer, I realized that over the years she gained many recipes from many people. People that she met! What an interesting insight into the past. Exchanging recipes is not something we often do with friends anymore. We simply shrug and look it up online. We use pinterest, we use Taste of Home, we use Google. There are thousands upon thousands of recipe sites.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the sharing of recipes between women is a personal connection from one woman to another. Sharing a recipe can be special, especially if it is one that means something to you. This is something that women do not do very often anymore.

I knew that it was my job to bring this tradition of old back to life! The challenge was to create a space where people could share their recipes with each other in a way that was both modern with the use of today’s technology, yet personal, with the ability to share the story of the recipe if desired.

Share Your Recipes

With that in mind I encourage you to DM me on Twitter @homemakerstrong or email me at with your favorite recipes. Feel free to include photographs and a wonderful story or memory that you have associated with the recipe.


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