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Most of my followers have children. It seems to be impossible to get anywhere on time. Yes, I am guilty, but only occasionally. Today we are talking about PUNCTUALITY, or, being on time.

1940s clock

My husband drilled some of his military experience into my head. Haha! The motto is “If you aren’t 5 minutes early, you are late.” For a while, I resisted this “nonsense”.  But then, having children changed that for me. I needed to be places for them, or they would miss out. Besides, I became rather sick of arguing with my husband because I didn’t have my “sh*t together.”So, I made some major changes.

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Don’t Be Late

Many of us think “Its okay to be late. (Some one’s name here) will forgive me.” But then, it becomes a nasty habit, where you won’t even bother holding yourself to higher standard of being on time. Besides, being late is inconsiderate of the people you are holding up. I’m not judging. I have been late before. I have learned lots of tricks!



Implications of Lateness

It says a lot about a woman who can get her family or herself places on time. It shows efficiency while running her home. It gives the impression that she is graceful and everything is running smoothly. (Even if you had to pull over because your son pooped out the side of his diaper and had to change him and his clothing. But look! You showed up on time simply because you left in plenty of time! That is a win!)

Tips and Tricks

There are things that can change, to help you get out the door on time, more often.

  • If you have young children, pack the diaper bag the night before, making sure to group all the refrigerated items you will need in one convenient “to-go” bag to pull out before leaving
  • Pick out clothing the night before
  • Have an extra set of clothing in your vehicle at all times for emergencies
  • Always keep extra diapers and a pack of wipes in your vehicle
  • Set an alarm for the time you need to leave the house, and don’t make excuses. Get out the door
  • Prepack meals the day before
  • Find any necessary documents or paperwork that is needed, the night before.
  • Wear a watch

As you can see, most of this will keep you from scrambling at the last minute in an attempt to get you out the door on time.

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