Kitchen Organization Woes Solved

If you know me, you know that I married young. At 18, I was not fully equipped with a lot of the skills I have today. Much of what I learned was the hard way–trial and error.

Time and time again, I have organized, reorganized, and re-reorganized my kitchen. It became a joke to my husband because he would laugh and say “Where are the cups now?” As you know, I love to cook, bake, and otherwise mess around in the kitchen. Yet, there was no flow, nothing made sense, drawers were jammed full of what seemed to me to be “like” objects. So, everything was not easily accessible. Placement was nonsense. I knew it, but I could not figure out how to right the ship.

Connie Anderson, professional organizer-Queen of Organization
Connie Anderson

Enter Connie Anderson, the queen of organization. She offered me two hours of organization in exchange for an honest testimonial. Yes folks, HONEST. So, I am not going to lie to you.

Let me share a little bit about Connie. She is a joyful, bubbly certified professional organizer.

Examples of her Awesome Organization

The following pictures are not of my home, but are examples of some of her work. Don’t worry–I have pictures of mine too.

One of her projects

The finished work

I Was Scared of Being Judged

I was very nervous that some one who makes a living off of organizing would somehow make me feel ashamed of the disorganization that was my kitchen. She was NOT JUDGMENTAL AT ALL. For her, it didn’t seem to be about simply showing how amazing her organizational skills were (and how NOT cool mine were). For her it was about seeing the amazing joy that can come to a person when space is maximized. It was about changing someone’s life, even if only in a small way.

I have figured out the rest of the house, but the kitchen was my war zone. So, today, I took everything from the cupboards and wiped them down. I sorted everything on the living room floor. (I am going to ask Connie to use her photos of my kitchen that she took since I did not have the presence of mind to take any. Oops)

Connie and I began discussing what the weak spots are in the kitchen. It turned out I had a lot of glasses and cups. They took up a great deal of cabinet space and were never even used. So, we created a donate box for Lake City Thrift, and many of the glasses went in, along with other things I purged along the way.

Her and I spent the next nearly 3 hours of the day putting things in homes that made sense. Let me be clear, she did not force me to put anything in a certain spot. She would explain her thought, reasoning, and then ask what I thought. The way she did it taught me a lot about how I will organize things in the future.

Finished Product

As you can see, the finished product of my kitchen is GLORIOUS! If you are truly lost with organization, please do not feel judged! If you live in North Idaho or Spokane area, I truly recommend Connie Anderson. You can find her on facebook here. She wrote a guest blog post you may also be interested here.

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