One on One with Children

A few weekends ago, I had a special opportunity and learning experience. My husband, our two year old son, and his father, went to a Seattle Mariners game and stayed the night in the city. So, my four year old daughter and I stayed home and I decided to spend some quality time with her. We went to the shopping mall, restaurants, a nice drive.

During this time individually with each of our children, my husband and I both came back with a similar message. The children on their own are a bit different than when together, and it seems that the individual time we took with each child allowed them to blossom! Our two year old son, according to his father, is quite a “joke-ster” and a bit more tame on his own. He was very curious. My daughter was very gracious, thoughtful, intelligent, and kind. She was full of conversation.

This alone time with each child made clear to us as parents their individual strengths and weaknesses. It allowed their individual characteristics to shine through.

I absolutely recommend this type of engagement with your children, whether you have one or 100! In one of our activities, my daughter and I went to her first movie and saw Alita: Battle Angel. She is still out in the yard doing her “moves” as my daughter calls them.

It honestly does not matter if it is for 5 minutes or an entire weekend. Take that time to be alone with each child. It can be as simple as sharing a candy bar to as complex as you want!

I believe that in 5 minutes, you can create a memory that lasts a life time!

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