Nutrition and a Happy Home

Nutrition vintage scale

Okay ladies, listen up. We are going to talk about how nutrition affects you, why proper nutrition is important as a woman, wife, caregiver, or mother.

My Knowledge of Nutrition

Let me be straight with you. I didn’t grow up with any sense of nutrition. I grew up in a household that thought it was okay to eat cookies and milk as a VALID breakfast. At any given time, there were probably 6 boxes of cereal in the house. We did have to eat what was on our plate and had to ask to have pop, which we didn’t have often. We also did eat decent dinners.

Food pyramid nutrition

Nutrition was just not a big thing for us. Sure, I learned the food pyramid in school.

My Mindset and My History

At a young age I was always very skinny. Then, I got married. I’m not going to lie to you, at my heaviest I was nearly 200 lbs. I am embarrassed to say it. I lost weight before I got pregnant. I got down to 165. The day I went into labor with my first born, I was 198. I got down to 155. Second pregnancy I was 193. Got down to 145. I stopped working so hard. To be honest, I never actually stuck my nose to the grindstone like I am this time. See, I never looked at weightloss as a lifestyle change. I saw it as depriving myself.

So believe me when I say, I am not coming at any of you ladies like a self righteous guru.

My Journey

Nutrition vintage scale

When I started this diet on Monday April 2, I was 160.4 lbs. I am counting calories, watching my sodium and sugar intake, and counting macros. I use myfittnesspal. I am using “30 day fitness challenge” (an android app) to burn extra calories and become more fit. Sure, I am on level 1 easy, and….it isn’t that easy for me. It is a moderate challenge. There are different levels based on your workout experience and capabilities. I will be posting my new weight every Monday.

Why Am I Doing This?

Nutrition goals

Being overweight is a choice in my situation. I respect that some have conditions that prevent them from losing weight.  I am tired of looking at myself in the mirror and being embarassed. I am going to be frank with you here, I am tired of not feeling confident about my naked form in front of my husband. (Though he assures me I am perfect). I am tired of taking a selfie or any photo at just the right angle to hide my fat.

There is more at stake here! My husband and children. By eating better, by supplying my body with good clean foods, I am able to care for and chase the children at my full potential. I already see an increase in energy with proper nutrition. I always say “They cant be at their best if I am not at my best.” This applies here. I will have more of me to give to my family, more energy.

Instant Gratification has Ruined the World

I have noticed that the world runs on instant gratification these days and it is bad for our health. I even bought in by snacking out of the pantry instead of making myself a valid meal. In a world where everything is on demand, many of us aren’t giving thought to what we put into our bodies. I ought to thank the advent of microwave dinners and mcDonalds for beginning the culture of on demand thinking.

Be at Your Best

Ladies, as part of self care, let’s begin to bring ourselves to a new level of healthy. Let us watch what we put in our bodies. We should aspire to look and feel good. Maybe that means going on walks a few nights a week. Maybe it means joining a gym. Maybe it just means eating more greens. Whatever that means for you….BE AT YOUR BEST SO THEY CAN BE AT THEIRS.

I will be more confident as a wife. I will be more able and energetic as a mother.

I wrote my very personal goals on my bathroom mirror in a children’s bath crayon along with reasons why. Find your motivation today!


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