A New Year, A New Start


The New Year is often a time that we make resolutions, ones that don’t stick.Diet new year

Dig Deeper

Let’s talk about what is on your heart right now. Let us dig deeper than losing 20 pounds.

New Year's Resolution

Many of us are unhappy with the world today. Terrorism has become so common place we scarcely blink when it hits the news. People are so glued to their phones that the human experience is being lost. I don’t wish to get too political here, but I am sure each of us can go on, at length, about our fears of raising children in this world. Whether or not we can agree on our fears is NOT the point.

Change Starts at Home

But NOW, in this new year, it is a time to address them. It is a time to –within your own home — solve the problems. The simple truth is that YOUR voice matters, and the way you raise your children matters. No matter how much you disagree with some one on Twitter, will that actually affect change? No.

New year's resolution

Change starts in YOUR HOME. For example, maybe you see many children not being parented, and instead handed a tablet to play with all day, or put in front of the television set all day. No, you cannot change those children, but you can change yours. You, as mother, can ensure that you raise your children properly and interact with them; guiding and teaching them. You can secure your future in this world by instilling proper values into your children. Who knows, maybe along the way, other women will see the wisdom in what you are doing. You are now leading by example.

Later down the road when those “un-parented” children can’t hold down a job, have zero life skills, etc….YOUR children will shine bright at what ever it is they choose to do in life.

This was merely an example, but I cannot stress this enough:A BETTER WORLD STARTS AT HOME.

New Year's Resolution

Despite what feminism will have you believe, being a homemaker, housewife, mother is a very powerful position. You are shaping the lives of everyone within your four walls.

So, this year as you embark on the 2018 journey, dig deep on your resolutions. You can make this world a better place. It isn’t hopeless. See what positive changes can be made in your home — big or small — and make the change. You will be so thrilled later. As you know, it was a New Year Resolution that got me to the confident, old fashioned homemaker I am today. You can do anything you put your mind to, ladies.

I wish all of you the best on your journey through 2018! Join me in #theyearofthehomemaker.


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