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Market Research and Objectives

“By aligning business goals with the outcome from different research methodologies, entrepreneurs would be able to maximize the return on their market research investment and make the research insights actionable“(How to align business goals with market research, 2011). Apple has very clear and forward facing objectives. Apple strives to “bring the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals, and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software, and internet offering” (Apple, 2020). In fact, Apple has 5 core values that matter: accessibility, inclusion, environment, and supplier diversity (Romero, 2020). The question we must as is how my market research supports the objectives of Apple as a whole. First, we chose to follow the values of the company by creating innovative hardware. We made sure that we chose a diverse city to do our marketing research in (Seattle). The market research I have done also assess the value that the consumer places on my new product offering for Apple.

Market Trends

The market trends for wireless earbuds are increasing in desirability as technology continues to improve. The fact is, Apple make 7% of sales on replacing earbuds (Cerullo, 2019). Yes, we will lower the cost of replacement, but it will drive large swaths of the population to replace their earbuds with the new locatable set. Apple may lose some revenue in not having to replace the air pods, but this convenience offers something that other companies with similar products do not.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies must align with proper legal, moral, and ethical standards. Our first marketing strategy is the typical apple launch presentation. We will also offer television ads, social media marketing, and more. With that in mind we will protect consumer privacy and be transparent about the tracking ability of our product. Next, we will highlight the sustainability of our product because consumers will no longer have to create waste by producing extra products that have been lost. We will make sure that our advertisements are true and do not offer false comparisons.

Limitations in Marketing Proposal

In a marketing proposal, the idea is to be well rounded, a product that is differentiated from other competitors. With this product we have done that. We have created a product that fits in the guidelines of sustainability and ethics according to Apple. The only weakness I can foresee is that the marketing research was done in one city (Seattle). Therefore, I could be missing another demographic piece that may matter in the long run.


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