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Successfully Meeting The Needs of The Target Market

I chose the Tale of the Tiger’s Big Adventure for study this week. Reaching and accomplishing goals with your target market is a big deal. One can assume that the first group that found out about the story were people that already followed the airport. It reached the people to whom that airport mattered and warmed their hearts. “The story rapidly set social media records for the airport, with thousands gushing support for the feel-good story and the Airport…. Many said the story brought tears to their eyes. Nearly 115,000 people liked, commented and shared the story on Facebook. Our Twitter post had 78,000 impressions, and millions more through shares by airport partners” (Tale of The Tiger). It is clear, this had far reaching effects, noting how many commented, shared and were moved by the story.

Addressing the Social and Consumer Experience

Socially, the airport and staff were able to convey warm feelings. This included feelings of above and beyond customer service. They were also able to reach a broad audience, people that may not have ever been to that particular airport! The consumers, or people that have been (or are going) to the airport are also positively affected by this story. They too felt feelings of warmth. They also probably believed that their items would be treated with great care. It most likely instilled confidence into the consumer.

Digital Media Followers

The digital media followers were treated with photos of the tiger’s great big adventure. They were drawn in and hearts were warmed. The marketers of this sought to touch the followers, share a viral heart warming story. They did just that. Furthermore, it created a dialogue and other customers even began sharing happy stories from their experiences. ‘The story provided an opportunity to highlight other customer service achievements through social media. One man tweeted: “I know @FlyTPA connects with children. My son still has the little airplane eraser an employee gave him last summer'” (The Tale of The Tiger). The story went worldwide.

A More Efficient Experience

I put a lot of thought into the idea, “What more could have been done?” The truth is, I do not think anything could have been done differently. They helped a little child reunite with his stuffed pal. They created a story about the tiger’s great big adventure at the airport. Instead of a dull moment, they created a memory-one for all of us, not just for the little boy and his tiger.

What is the Airport Doing Now?

On their twitter the airport has a healthy mix of sharing fun stories and jokes, sharing how they make the airpot safer, and finally general tips and tricks for navigating the airport. Facebook is used as a more informational feed. They share alerts and changes being made to the airport. Their website is easy to navigate, but truth be told, does not share anything about their work in the community here. The exception to this is the art installations within the airport.

Ethical Interactions

The airport having ethical interactions with followers led to several people sharing their positive experiences about the Tampa International Airport. The idea here is effectively impacting the consumer. Consumers were impacted deeply by the caring nature of the Tampa International Airport. It became a sensation on social media.

Use of An App

The airport does have an app that can be downloaded on Apple or Google Play. It provides information on the airport. You can track flight status, airport status, check in, and more. It serves the consumer by keeping them connected to the airport in one simple place.


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