Marketing Research Project (school use only)

For my project, I chose Apple. Apple was founded in 1976 ( It was originally a computer company.

  • AirPods
  • MacBook
  • iPad
  • AppleTV
  • Apple Watch
  • Home Pod
  • Other Accessories

The reason I chose Apple is because I enjoy researching forward thinking companies and learning more about their tactics that I can apply to my business or marketing strategies. Often times, highly successful businesses offer insights and strategies that are innovative and far reaching. Also, a product idea came to mind the other day that I will be using for this project.

Object for Sale

Speaking of product ideas….I would like to sell a new product that Apple is missing. I would like to sell AirPods that have a more robust “finding” system on the case (built in AirTag), as well as sonar for the AirPods that connect to the phone to be found easily.

Research Objectives

First, we would do primary research to see if this is a reason that people would upgrade their current AirPods for the in depth finding capability. Apple’s products are usually long lasting, so we must give the consumer a reason to upgrade their current model or Air Pods. We would also conduct primary research asking what people would be willing to pay for the proposed product. Setting the wrong price point at product launch can spell failure. Primary research would also be used to determine if this would be a feature that would convert people who buy competing products.

Next, we would do some secondary research on challenges that other air bud companies face when it comes to “finding capabilities”, if they even offer this capability. Knowing our competition is important. We could look in the following places :

Furthermore, it would be important to understand the current feelings on AirTags using Amazon Reviews.

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