LED Accent lighting and LED Efficiency

Lets Talk LED Lighting

You flip a switch, a light comes on, until it doesn’t. Time to change the bulb. You go to the store, and there is so much to choose from. I would encourage you to switch your lighting to LED versus traditional incandescent bulbs or even the fluorescent lighting.

Instead of having a filament, LED lighting is simply a Light Emmitting Diode. Previous to LED lighting, CFL (compact flourscent bulbs) were all the rage. They are better than incandescent bulbs, but still not as efficient as LED. In fact, we just changed from CFL in our garage to LED. CFL lights are less effective in cold temperatures and we found are garage was very dim in the winter. LED was the way to go!

Often times, I hear people say they do not like the unnatural lighting of LED. However, LED has come a long way and is capable of many colors. Check these out on Amazon.

Setting the Mood with Accent Lighting

Alright, well, now lets talk about how lighting can set the mood for any home.

Under cabinet lighting is a way to add class to any kitchen. They have lighting like this one shown here that I just took out. They also have LED strips that have very strong backing that stick on to your cabinets. The great part of this is that you can cut it to any length to fit beneath or above your cabinets. Check them out here.

Cabinet Lighting

This is how the lighting looks and sticks under the cabinet


Another way to use LED accent lighting is on the stairs. There are a few ways you can do this. You can place it along the edge, or you can place it where the riser meets the tread.

Another option for stair lighting is these little recessed boxes. This would require tying into an electrical junction box and running wire through the wall up the stairs and putting in lights. Unless you are well versed in wiring or electrical work, I would suggest hiring someone for this option.

Lighting the Furniture

Another trendy option I have seen lately is accent lighting beneath furniture, especially outdoors. It can set a mood that everyone can enjoy! This can also be done indoors. In fact, I was thinking of doing this to the furniture in my husband’s man cave.

In summary, LED lighting is not only efficient, but it can add a whole new atmosphere to any room!

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