Laundry Packs vs Liquid Detergent

The detergent aisle is so long, with so many products and so much colorful packaging. Did you know laundry packs were initially brought to market in the 1960’s? They did not stay on the market very long, and disappeared off the shelves by the 1970’s. These “pods” were reintroduced in 2012 by Procter and Gamble, and other companies joined in on the trend.

So, I have gotten a lot of questions about detergent, and I had the same questions the last time I shopped. So, I put together an informative article on the differences between liquid and pods.


  • The laundry pods are simple to use. No cleaning up detergent spills. Everything is enclosed inside of a packet.
  • Convenient: No measuring! Everything is pre-packaged for you!
  • The General consensus is that it does a better job removing stains
  • For the same price on laundry pods vs detergent, you get less loads
  • Safety: These are attractive candy looking items to young children, so they must be put out of reach. But, I do that with my laundry detergent anyhow.
  • They are designed for average load size, so 2 packets are required for large loads (costs more)
  • The product is concentrated so that it is more efficient when used and the effects of additives like bleach are as strong as intended


  • Simple for spot cleaning, you do not need to purchase an extra pre-treater
  • Studies show the measuring lines are difficult to read and as a result many people use too much detergent on their clothing which can leave residue
  • Plastic laundry detergent bottles are hard on the environment
  • Water is the main ingredient, making it less concentrated than pods. This in turn adds to the weight of the product, and as a result a higher cost for a watered down product
  • Liquid detergents limit the effectiveness of bleach in the wash due to chemical instability

So Which One Should I use?

Pods are great! They are convenient, simple, effective, concentrated. However, they cost more. Liquid detergent does the job. As we all know, many of us have used liquid laundry detergent through our lives. We can also use this liquid detergent as a pre-treating agent. Using liquid saves money. So……the verdict? It depends on what is important to you. If convenience, the environment, effectiveness are important go with pods. However, if saving money and getting the job done is for you—choose liquid detergent. If you need more help on the doing laundry front, check out my complete guide!

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