Until my son was born and decided that he fully disliked sleep, I was not much of a coffee drinker. Now, I am addicted. I never made a daily habit out of fancy coffees, but I did it enough that my costs added up. I finally only allowed myself to 2 “fancy coffees” a month. The rest of that time, I missed the good flavors. I did my best to add flavored creamer but that was too sweet.

Saving Money

For Christmas, my husband bought me a Keurig K-cafe. You can find them at a price point of $199. Sure,maybe it seems pricy but if you buy coffee for $30 at $5 a coffee, this machine pays for itself.

I tell you what, I haven’t bought a fancy coffee since. It is so amazing. So, today I am going to do a full review on the product.

Unlike my other keurig, it does not have a digital screen, but to be honest I do not miss this. My old keurig is going to the 5th wheel. (I forgot my coffee maker once while camping and I was a disaster of a woman. Now, it will be a permanent fixture.) It does NOT have a brew alarm or timer to auto brew coffee. This is not something I miss because it doesn’t take long to brew a cup anyhow.

The pods are nice, but you can purchase a reusable k-cup and use the coffee of your choice and still get a good brew. Here is a link to the reusable k-cup I purchased HERE.

The buttons atop the machine are very simple to use. Very self explanatory. I enjoy the tactile feel of the buttons.

Now to the best part, the frother. HOW AMAZING IS THIS? It froths the milk perfectly cold or warm. To reproduce the delicious flavor of the coffee stand I use torani’s coffee flavor. Right now, I am trying to cut out so much sugar and am using sugar free syrups. I pour a little into the frother with the milk. It produces a nice sturdy foam that I like to drizzle with caramel syrup.

The only downside to the machine, (which is not even that bad) is the water heats up to brew the coffee, makes the coffee, then must complete another warm up cycle before it froths your milk.

If you love coffee, but don’t like the amount you spend at the coffee shops, this is a recommended purchase by yours truly, The Strong Homemaker.

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