Spring Cleaning: Walls, Baseboard, Trim, Stairwell, and Interior doors

Many of my followers have children. Annnnnnnnnnd….at about child height, many of our walls have all sorts of marks and handprints. Ahem, and in my daughter’s room, there is crayon on the wall. Oh and those baseboards, they need cleaned!

Today, we are going to talk about doing this in the most efficient way possible.


Cleaning walls spring cleaning

I was 7 months pregnant with my first child  and trying to make the house perfect. So, I was cleaning the walls with a bucket and small kitchen sponge. Lots of work for a pregnant woman. My husband stood in the door way and shook his head. He showed me a much simpler way. He took our sponge mop and dipped it in the soap water (use a bit of dish soap and hot water), rung it out, and began washing the walls in a W motion, (like the proper way to vacuum). No more bending and stooping and scrubbing. So ladies, using a sponge mop will save your back. For stubborn spots, use a bit of baking soda on the spot. The abrasive nature of the baking soda will be enough to remove the spot but won’t take the paint off your walls.

Spring cleaning walls

For crayon on the walls, magic erasers work wonders. I didn’t believe the hype, but it’s legitimate.


Now, cleaning baseboards properly is imperative. Doing it wrong will leave it streaky. First take the brush attachment to the vacuum and run it along the baseboards. Run the skinny angled attachment against the baseboard, on the carpet (the place where crumbs hide). Now, with a wet cloth, wipe the baseboards down.

Doors and Trim

Do each bit of trim in your home, and don’t forget around the door ways. Handprint central. In fact, I would wipe down those interior doors as well. Orange Glo is amazing for removing grime. Spray the Orange Glo on the cloth, not the wall itself.

Railings and Banisters

Cleaning walls

This would also be a good time to wipe down railings and banisters on the stairs of your home. Some genius thought white was a great color for my baseboards and railings. I hate it. Keeping them white is difficult. Orange glo works well to clean the stairwell.


You could attack this project one of two ways. You could go room by room and clean the walls, trim, baseboard, doors, etc while completing the entire room. Or, you can set one whole day aside to clean the aforementioned items. Personally, I set one day aside for this project to help me stay on task, by doing one task.

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