The Strong Homemaker

What is The Strong Homemaker? Put simply, it is the art of homemaking with a vintage twist. It is a way of life.

Who Am I?

I am Courtney, The Strong Homemaker. I am a married 30 year old woman with two wonderful young children. I am a caregiver to my husband who was severely wounded while serving in the Army in 2007 in Mosul, Iraq.

I am the Strong Homemaker, not the perfect homemaker. I am here to share my journey with other women who crave this sort of lifestyle.

My Homemaking Inspiration

As I grew up, watching my grandmother move through life was a beautiful sight. She was graceful, well styled, well mannered, and multi-talented (sewing, baking, cooking, quilting, to name only a few).

My Grandma--my inspiration as a homemaker

In a world full of uncertainty, I looked to her memory for inspiration. I looked to her memory to discover how happiness starts at HOME. Clearly, that large responsibility falls on THE HOMEMAKER.

Fight the Stigma

Some think housewives are lazy, entitled, or not motivated. Quite the contrary. It is quite the responsibility to have the weight of caring for a family properly. To be frank — properly is not shoving your child(ren) in front of  television so one does not have to parent, and can instead spend the day thinking about only themselves and facebook. A true homemaker makes sacrifices and takes the time to raise her children.

It is quite a journey becoming a vintage style housewife. However, it quickly became clear that the women of the Great Generation had so much that our generation does not. They faced struggles most of us can scarcely dream of. Rations, The Great Depression, high mortality rate, sending sons and husbands to war in great numbers, you catch my drift. We have it easy.

Woman of War Propaganda Poster from WWII

These days, many women work, but that doesn’t make those women any less of a homemaker either. Personally, I do not work outside of the home. I admire the women that do. They have even more on their plate than I do!

This blog represents my journey as I follow my calling. I will share my journey with women searching for the same thing….A HAPPY HOME.

On my site, you will find

Important Note: You do not have to agree with any of the ideals set forth in this blog. These are my opinions, not facts.  None of this is meant to replace the true value of professional advice. No matter what your opinion-if you as a woman manage your household,  or want to learn how- you ARE welcome here. The opinions here, are my own. I am not paid to give positive reviews!!

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