Halloween Party

Halloween Party

So, I like throwing parties, even if it is just for my kids. With Halloween coming,  I am beginning to plan. I want my kids to grow up with fond family memories.

Halloween party planning woman with good candy vintage

Sometimes, planning events can feel stressful. This is why I plan weeks in advance. Even for parties just for the kids. That way, it is just fun. I use Pinterest to plan. Click here to check out my Halloween Party 2017 board.

Halloween party

To keep a budget, I set a spending limit IN THE BEGINNING.

Once I decide on a budget, (and speak to my husband) I begin looking through all my ideas on Pinterest and deleting pins I am not going to use. I have to admit, sometimes my ideas are grandiose. So all this planning helps impulse spending. In this case, the budget is under $100.

Halloween party shopping

Next, I begin to price out the ideas I kept on my board. This helps narrow down some of those crazy ideas I kept on my board. Now, you can do this on paper or a spreadsheet — whatever suits you. Here, I can really see what is important to keep and what may be a bit too expensive.

From there,  I do the fun part….going to purchase the items for the party. I section the list off by stores, and then by department. One crazy mixed up list will just make it stressful.  Remember. . .THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN! (See my article on creating a grocery list if you need help.)

Halloween party shopping

In the end, nobody wants a stressed out hostess. No matter how many people come to the party, you should have fun too.

Add comments about the things you do to make your parties go off without a hitch! Would also love to see your Halloween party ideas!

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