A Grocery List

How many of us have gone into the store without a grocery list, and came home with a bunch of junk, and not actually what we needed in the first place? I am going to raise my hand in shame here….I have done it. The shopping list is essential for the homemaker. It is not only helpful to make sure you come home with everything you need, but also helps prevent impulse spending.

A 1950s homemaker kept a list for grocery shopping on paper, and looked for the best deals as she shopped. Most shoppers during this time had experienced life with rations during the war, and previous to that they suffered through the Great Depression. During this time food was very expensive, and many went without much to eat. They learned to make do with what they had, and what they could afford. This mentality still went with the American people at this time. They did not waste or impulse spend like we do today. This was a lesson lost to us.

First, let’s discuss the methods of keeping a grocery list.

A Paper Grocery List

Homemaker making grocery list

A hand written list is always a fool proof way to create a grocery list. Personally, I leave my paper list on the refrigerator. My family can add to it as they see fit.

I make time before I go to the store to look over the list and organize it according to department.  It makes going through the store a much more organized experience.


Apps can be an amazing way to keep track of a grocery list, and you will never forget your list. Apps don’t work for our household because my husband isn’t into all that “technology.” He didn’t move with the times!

Grocery List app

Apps like Out Of Milk are an amazing option for the connected family. It allows families to have a community list, just as if you kept it on your refrigerator door…except this list you will probably never be without. It allows for a Pantry list, to keep inventory. I know I have purchased things I didn’t need because I was unsure if I had it in my pantry. This app is compatible with iOS and Android. If my husband was more into apps and tech, I would absolutely be in love with this app.


Like everyone else, I love saving money. I, however, am not an extreme couponer. I just don’t have the desire to devote that amount of time to the art. However, 50 cents here and there still add up. So, I look at the ads and best places to shop, as well as coupons in the Sunday paper.

Flipp helps make a great list

I love the app, Flipp. It shows all the local ads and has a search function to allow you to find the best price for the product you desire.

Another resource is Coupons.com.  They have hundreds of dollars in savings that change weekly, sometimes more often.  They offer printable coupons. For select stores,  you can load those coupons right to your store card! I know that Safeway is one of those participating stores.

Now a-days, many grocery stores themselves have apps that feature coupons that will save to that store’s loyalty card.

Making a list may seem like a petty task, but it is a non-negotiable. What I do, is set aside a day where I clean out my fridge and pantry, then, inventory what we are missing or low on. I make an organized list from there, adding to it the things people wrote on the list that is on my refrigerator. See my post on scheduling if you need help fitting this task into your life.



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