Greek Yogurt Bark

Greek Yogurt Bark

Sweet Tooth???

It’s 11 pm, and you want ice cream….no…maybe you want chocolate. Ugh, but you are trying to eat healthy.

It’s snack time for the kids, and they want something different.

Behold! Greek Yogurt fruit bark. In just 4 hours, an exciting tasty treat can be had. This is a great treat to make the night before, or have on hand in your freezer.

Line a standard rectangular baking sheet with foil. Keep the foil as flat as possible and leave a half inch overhang on each side.

Next, use a rubber spatula to spread out 2 cups of Greek Yogurt. The flavor can be of your choosing. I used honey Greek Yogurt. I suggest the full fat variety for this recipe because it will come out creamier with no crystallzed water. (Think popsicle vs. Ice cream.)

Next, slice 2-3 strawberries. Top the yogurt. Then, top with 1/4 cup blueberries and 1/8 cup chocolate chips. (Dark is healthiest.)

Freezer for 4 hours. Peel off foil.


2 cups Greek Yogurt

2-3 strawberries

1/4 c blueerries

1/8 cup chocolate of your choice

Spread yogurt. Add toppings. Freeze 4 hours, then serve cold. Do not leave out long, it melts rather quickly.


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