A Gracious Woman

A GRACIOUS woman is a GRATEFUL woman.

Graceful woman

Definition and Intersection

Gracious is defined as courteous, kind, and pleasant. Grateful is another word for thankful.

Let us take a moment to reflect on how those two intersect. Going through life graciously allows a woman to find the positive in everything. This attitude in life makes us as women shine with grace.

To take this down to a personal level, I am a very busy woman: wife, caregiver, mother of 2, and now watch an infant child five days a week. Many of you know this, but I say this for the sake of my new readers. There are times, there is so much on my plate, that I am exhasperated. Trust me, I have been in some bad spots.

Poisoning the Air

Many women, like me, can show their stress very clearly. It “poisons” the air in the home. (Of course, I don’t mean this literally.) However, as mentioned in my article, Stress, your attitude affects the way your entire home operates. Spouses, children, and even animals will react to your stress.

How to be Gracious

So, how can we as women find the way to being gracious?

  • Find the positive in everything. I don’t care what it is, it can be the smallest slice of positive…FIND IT. Having the right mindset will keep all of those dark negative thoughts that attract other dark negative thoughts out.
  • Take a breath before reacting with anger. This doesn’t mean to be a doormat, but as women, it seems we have lost our way in acting in a tactful way. It is important to act like a lady. (See my article – Act Like a Lady)

Be Positive

Let me retouch on the main point- be positive. When you begin to look at things from a positive perspective, you find a reason to smile. Positivity leads to GRATEFULNESS. You see the sunny side of life, and become ever more thankful for the things you have despite your hardships. These are all things I decided myself to work on.

A Softer You

Others (family, friends, etc) will now see a softer, more feminine side to you. With a positive heart, you are more open to the world around you. Embrace the world, live with a song in your heart.

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  1. I really love the idea of this post! “Poisoning the air” is a brilliant saying, because it is very true and that is exactly what happens when the wife or mother is in a bad mood for no reason or stressed out for things that cannot be controlled. Being positive and saying thanks for everything has a great way of humbling you and making you feel less stress and happiness. Therefore, when you’re happy, everyone is too!

    Have a wonderful night 🙂

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