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Type Of Marketing

Being a social media influencer is its own kind of marketing. However, this type of marketing is a two way street, unlike traditional advertising. It requires cooperation of both influencer and product brand. Social media influencers interact with fans and must appease the fans all while selling a product or idea. These people have a powerful corner of the internet. As the video mentioned, social media influencing is only a small amount of a company’s advertising budget. For example, in the video, we learned that an influencer filmed a Dunkin ad in his particular goofy style in a single day. In that single day, he was paid over $200,000. However, it is getting influencers paid a great deal in a small amount of time. This type of marketing is very much about trends. It seems as though influencers can come and go just as fast as the latest tie Tok trend.


Each social media influencer has different strategies. Some use comedy, some use fashion-everyone has their own schtick. Each individual uses their strategy to earn views. Every influencer IS the brand. Sure, they are marketing other products, but their name, who they are, their likeness is a brand. The most poignant example of this from the video is Kim Kardashian. She built an empire based on herself. She is now a multi-millionaire. Love her or hate her, she has built a world where people spend part of their lives discussing her or her family’s latest antics.


The role of a social media influencer is to create themselves into a persona, a brand. They are what people are buying. People spend their precious time every day viewing these individuals. So, not only are they marketing themselves, but they are marketing products. The money is made by marketing themselves in conjunction with the products.

Marketing Perspective Impact

Influencers have the soul purpose of influencing people. How often do people say that they wish their life was more like “Kim’s”? Maybe they wish their makeup was more like hers, their hair, etc. This desire sells product, it sells an ideology. As mentioned in the video, this only takes up a small fraction of a company’s advertising budget. The truth is, it can have as much impact as a spot in a prime time Super Bowl spot. It shows that there is a great deal of potential in marketing.

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