Finding Clarity and Strength

Lately, (recent struggles noted in this post here) I have had many moments where I had to reconnect with reality, to try and find peace in my heart and soul. I needed clarity. There were times anxiety and panic took over. This panic, anxiety, worry, doubt are something many people face every day for a variety of reasons.

I Needed Solutions

praying to mother mary for clarity

I found myself begging for solutions. Praying was one. I prayed as hard…if not harder than when I got the phone call about my husband being shot….from my husband. (See more about that story here.) I needed to find a way to slow my brain down and regain my composure to move forward.

I began using Headspace. It is an app designed for mindful meditation. You get into the movement of your body when you breathe, the breath itself, the physical sensations. Quite often, there is a free trial in which you can see if this is for you! Of course, I do not always find the time to meditate. So, I found peace in small things. Yesterday, I went on a 30 minute drive while my children were napping through a local farming area. The sky was blue, the crops were blowing in the wind. In the air, I could smell the hay. Driving further, I could smell the mint fields in Rathdrum. The birds chirped.

Rathdrum Prairie Mint Fields in North Idaho

Getting In Touch With Your Senses, Find the Blessing

These moments of getting in touch with yourself, and the world around you are so important. It gave me time to be grateful for God given beauty in the world. I gained focus to realize all of the blessings in my life–even the small ones. Take the time to smell the roses!

Maybe meditation is not your thing. That’s okay! Its important, especially during difficult times to take control of your heart and mind. People often perceive women like me (submissive old fashioned homemakers) as weak. Every woman, submissive or not faces moments in her life where she is required to have the utmost clarity. In these moments, she can choose her destiny. It takes a clear mind to do that. It takes a clear mind to figure out how to change your life, to get the wind back in your sails.

If the struggle you face involves other people, please remember that you cannot control others, just yourself. So this is why the clarity of your own being is so important.

Find the Strength to Press On

No matter how much you have going on in your life, you cannot change it if you do not find personal clarity and forge a path to change.

In the comment section, feel free to share your tips on finding clarity in moments where you feel you have none.

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