Crayola Thanksgiving Crafts

Crafts are something we love to do in this house. A great place I like to find crafts is on (I am not a paid spokesperson.) So, I have put together my favorite crafts from Crayola to share with you to do with your kids! We have crafts from here to Thanksgiving Day.

November 23, 2020

This build your own turkey craft is a lot of fun. Depending on their ages, you may want to help your little ones cut out out the various parts! It is easy to print and virtually no prep! We all know how much prep is to be done for Thanksgiving. This is definitely why I like this craft.

build your own turkey craft

November 24, 2020

I know Thanksgiving might be very small this year, but that does NOT mean that you shouldn’t go all out! I cannot stress this enough. Make memories with your kids! Besides, kids love playing with model clay. This turkey place setting card holder is great for motor skills and following directions. Plus, they will add homemade beauty as place cards to your place settings. To add education to this, while you are making it, you can discuss the history of the first Thanksgiving. If they are younger, you can talk about Turkeys and practice the sounds they make. You can reinforce colors for toddlers by quizzing them on the colors of the feathers, or simply reviewing the colors together.

turkey place card craft kit

November 25, 2020

These are so cute! They would look great as part of your tablescape or even above the mantel.

pumpkin turkey crafts

This pumpkin turkey craft is really fun, but may require more adult attention for children 5 and younger. It DOES require a hot glue gun, so make sure you are available for your children to do that part! You can use craft or real pumpkins for this project. The kids and I will be using some of the small pumpkins from the grocery aisle, since we can get it delivered via Instacart.

November 26, 2020 Thanksgiving Day

On this day, we need to give thanks for everything we have. Yes, 2020 has been…….nothing short of a disaster. We are still standing, right? Beyond the challenges, beyond the pain. We are still fighting. We are still surviving. You are strong! So let us give thanks on that day!

Aside from that, let us take time to have fun with our children. This craft is super fun, and ends up being a game for the whole family to enjoy! It is a turkey bowling game, using a pumpkin as a bowling ball. What fun it will be to hear the children giggle and make contests over who can get more pins?

bowling pumpkin crafts

Take A Breath

Now, homemakers of the world, take a breath. I know, I know, this year has been stressful. Make some pumpkin pie donut wholes and gather by the fire as a family. Share stories. Take solace in the wonderful things you have in this very moment.

Resources if You Cannot Afford Thanksgiving

I know some of you are worried about not being able to afford the Thanksgiving you normally have. Some are sad that they are missing out on their families this year. Let us pray that next year will be better. By the way, if you are struggling to eat this Thanksgiving, there are some options, here. One major option is Ibotta is partnering with Walmart to provide free Thanksgiving dinners to anyone. You purchase all of the items, and then Ibotta will give you cash back for the whole meal!

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