Consistent Hard Boiled Eggs

Some people have all the luck in the world with hard boiled eggs. Somehow, mine do not always turn out the same. Remember, this is the STRONG homemaker, not the PERFECT homemaker. Sometimes they are overdone and almost chalky, and other times the yolk is too soft. If you came here looking for breakfast ideas, this doesn’t have some hard boiled eggs but check out my husband’s campfire potatoes. (NO, you do not have to make it on a campfire.)

Disastrous hard boiled eggs

So, I found a way that makes them turn out consistently with very little effort. Yes, I am in love with my Multi-Cooker. So, I messed around with it to make hard boiled eggs. Guess what it works! EVERY SINGLE TIME!


First you will want to add about an inch of water to the Multi Cooker or instant pot.

Next, use your steamer basket and place your eggs.

Use the steam setting on your Multi-Cooker (or medium pressure for those that do not have a steam setting) and cook for 4 minutes.

Once it is finished cooking, let the pressure release naturally for 5 minutes. VOILA!


As a note, this doesn’t take much less time than it does on the stove. So, this is more about getting a consistent result rather than saving time. (On the stove it takes about 15 minutes total including boiling the water.) Another thought, it seems easier to peel the eggs. However, I cannot necessarily attribute this to pressure cooking. It could simply be that I have been buying higher quality eggs lately.

Consistent Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard boiled eggs do not have to leave you guessing. These will give you consistent results each and every time


  • 1 Pampered Chef Multicooker or other pressure cooker or instant pot
  • 1 steamer basket


  • 6 eggs
  • water enough to fill your pressure cooker with 1 inch of water


  • Put the eggs in the steamer basket
  • Place the lid on the pressure cooker. Use the steam (or medium pressure) setting for 4 minutes of cook time
  • After the cook time, allow 5 minutes of natural release
  • Release the remaining pressure and remove eggs. Voila!
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