coffee filter flowers

Coffee Filter Flowers

Kids have curious minds! These coffee filter flowers are a wonderful way to offer a child a creative outlet. This is a great one for kids of any age, but is especially magical to 3-10 year old children! This is quite a thrifty project. Most of us have these supplies already. If you do not, you can acquire all of the materials for under $5!

Supplies and How To:

You will need:

First, have the children color with marker on the filters. My daughter drew all sorts of swirls and colors, while my son made all sorts of fun splotches of color! They had so much fun coloring these.

Once they are done, fold them 8ths.

Next, dip them in the water about half way. Don’t soak them. Simply dip and remove. Lay out to dry. I used a cutting board to set ours on!

Let them dry, completely. Then, unfold them. Use the pipe cleaner to poke a hole in the center.

Twist and tape the base to create a flower.


For younger children( 3-6) , this coffee filter flower can be a great arts and crafts project. For older children, you can use this craft as an introduction to parts of a flower.

If you need another craft, check out my fall apple stained glass craft.

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