chalk paint

Chalk Paint

Hmmmm….well, I guess it is warm in other parts of the country and this recipe may come in handy. Here in North Idaho, it is snowing like the dickens! No chalk paint for us. Instead, I spent Saturday making the kids a cardboard rocket ship.

Yeah, SNOWING in September. Don’t even get me started. I am ready for all things fall, but I never told Mother Nature she could skip Fall completely and snow on me! I am scrambling to get all of our winter stuff out and winterize the 5th wheel. Anyways……

For some reason, I had a hard time finding chalk in stores toward the end of the summer. So, I decided I needed something more to keep the kids entertained outside with out my daughter bringing all of her colored pencils outside and losing them!

I like this chalk paint recipe a lot, but I wonder now, if by cooking the liquid with the cornstarch if it would thicken. Plus, I am not sure that would be a desired result. So, try that at your own risk.

Recipe for Chalk Paint

chalk paint

Mix It Real Good

Mix the water and cornstarch. Pour it into a six cup muffin pan. Add food coloring to each cup in the pan. Mix well with a paint brush.

You will keep your kids entertained for a while and you can sit down for a bit of peace and quiet. For more quiet time, check out this article. I must caution that food coloring does not always wash out of clothing very easily, so I would not put your child in nice clothing to do this project.

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