Often times, we don’t even look twice at our shower head unless it isn’t working. Let me be honest, I cannot recollect the last time I cleaned my shower head. I was spring cleaning my bathroom and finally noticed all of the lime scale on my shower head. The buttons on the back of the handheld part of my shower head no longer functioned. (They hadn’t for about 5 years now.) I just assumed that it was due to age or quality of the product. TURNS OUT…I WAS WRONG! Fear not! Cleaning the shower head is not very difficult. You need a few things. CLRRead More →

Over the years, I have seen all sorts of marital relationships. One thing that makes me cringe quite often is public emasculation. I see it all too often. The typical response to a woman doing this is the man laughing it off. I have noticed when interactions like that are common, they seem to define the general dynamic of the relationship. I want to be clear-I don’t mean something as simple as a wife telling a joke in good taste. I mean absolute embarrassment and emasculation. The Reasons I have seen this dynamic present it self in several ways throughout my life. Here are myRead More →

As a mom, we play many different roles and have many different responsibilities. Some of us are more technologically connected than others. To those who love traditional pen and paper….I LOVE YOU! But today, I am focusing on tech and the homemaker and/or mother. As a side note, I am not paid or compensated in any way to give these reviews. Instacart The first app I would like to discuss, is Instacart. Oh my gosh! This app is a life saver. If you haven’t heard of them yet, let me enlighten you. THEY DELIVER YOUR GROCERIES! This is a lifesaver for my family because asRead More →