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Vintage Homemaker vacuuming

Let me be the first to say, I am no expert when it comes to cleaning and doing so efficiently. I am still learning and creating a routine to make my life easier.

Along the way, I will be sharing tips and tricks to do houseworm properly, efficiently, and effectively. We can be going with something as simple as making a bed to discussing what cleaners work best where!

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Blueland: Update–Not Happy

Quite a few months ago, I did a blog post on Blueland cleaner vs Truman cleaners. I was initially very impressed by Blueland Cleaners. But now, I am back to tell a sad truth....

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Hidden Danger: Cleaning Products

As I sit here typing this blog post, my windows are open and fresh air is coming in my windows. The birds are chirping here in North Idaho. It got me thinking about spring...


Blueland Cleaners vs. Truman’s

These days, it is hard to find cleaners on local store shelves. So, I turned to the products that are advertised on the internet and television. For this post, I used both Truman’s and...

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Cleaning A Vacuum

Cleaning a vacuum is more than just rinsing the filter and calling it a day. Seriously, ladies, when is the last time you cleaned your vacuum? Many women do not enjoy or simply get...

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Creating a Useful Office Space

In our house, I am the keeper of the budget….and all papers for that matter. Over time, I realized I could not find anything. Nothing had a place. Nothing was organized. Nothing made sense....