Today’s blog post written by: Anderson Organizing owner and operator Certified Professional Organizer Connie Anderson, CPO®. Connie has been changing lives for the better since 1996 through creating homes that inspire organized living tailored to each client’s learning styles and abilities. Mom, Have You Seen My ____________?   “Mom! Have you seen my (fill in the blank)?” If I had a quarter for every time my boys asked me that over the years I could afford to pay off my auto loan. This also includes my husband rummaging around the kitchen cupboards or linen closet searching for something he was sure was there the lastRead More →

organizing desk

In our house, I am the keeper of the budget….and all papers for that matter. Over time, I realized I could not find anything. Nothing had a place. Nothing was organized. Nothing made sense. It was time for a change. I sat and thought about my office for a while and came up with several ideas to make it all make sense. For some, an office ends up being a “catch-all.” I had papers on the kitchen counter in a pile, and I had more piles of paper in the office. NONE OF IT WAS ORGANIZED!!! De-Clutter To de-clutter, start by gathering three boxes. LabelRead More →

There is always that one place…that one drawer, that one closet, that one area that we continually overlook, ignore, push to the side. Many would call them problem areas. Why do we have Problem Areas? For most, it is one of the following.  It is too overwhelming It takes too much time You dont even know where to start First of all, ladies, breathe. Dont worry, I have a room like this. It is supposed to be my office. However, right now it is a catch all for Christmas Decor, office supplies, owners manuals, and other papers, some of my husbands football trophies and sportsRead More →

Many of my followers have children. Annnnnnnnnnd….at about child height, many of our walls have all sorts of marks and handprints. Ahem, and in my daughter’s room, there is crayon on the wall. Oh and those baseboards, they need cleaned! Today, we are going to talk about doing this in the most efficient way possible. Walls I was 7 months pregnant with my first child  and trying to make the house perfect. So, I was cleaning the walls with a bucket and small kitchen sponge. Lots of work for a pregnant woman. My husband stood in the door way and shook his head. He showedRead More →


Spring Cleaning for the Soul I mentioned this series would be a Spring Cleaning for our souls, and a Spring Cleaning of our homes. Today, we will start with our souls. Organization I don’t know why, but logical and sensible organization has never come to me naturally. Many who know me would categorize me as “very book smart, but at times, an airhead.” Organization is something I had to constantly work at, and each organizational challenge in my life has caused me to try and fail several times before I succeed. However, once I come up with a system that works for me, things fallRead More →

Happy 1940s

Picture if you will…. It is Spring, 1947, Sinatra is playing on the radio, sound coming from the large radio cabinet in the living room. Your husband is off at work, and you are so proud of him. He came home from the war in 1945, and settled in to the American Dream — a house and one child, another on the way. The day is bright, crisp, the sun beginning to warm the once frozen earth with Spring time. The time has come for you to Spring Clean. You open the windows to let the fresh breeze blow through the soft curtains while removingRead More →


I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people complain, “My dishwasher doesn’t work like it used to,” or “my dishes don’t always come out clean.” Many times the problem is something you, or your husband can fix. When is the last time you really looked in your dishwasher? Spray Arms First, take a look at the spray arms in your dishwasher. Are the holes clogged? Those spray arms send out high pressure water to clean your dishes. If the holes are clogged, it won’t function as well. If they are clogged, refer to your manufacturer instructions on how to remove the arms.Read More →


This week, I asked my followers on Twitter (@homemakerstrong) what chores are often behind for them. I mentioned that my weaknesses are dishes and laundry. I was surprised that many of my followers have the same weaknesses. Here is a short suggestion that will change your life! It changed mine. Kitchen Let’s start with the kitchen. You are probably in the kitchen multiple times a day. I’m willing to bet that it is a source of stress when the kitchen isn’t “guest ready”. Here is my suggestion. Take one day to get the entire kitchen in perfect order (drawers organized too!) Now it is just aRead More →

Thrifty is Knifty A homemaker in the 1940s had to be thrifty due to rations and war. Now we live in a world where EVERYTHING is throw away. I laughed to myself the other day because my grandmother (who I adored) was so thrifty. She washed out her Ziploc bags that weren’t too messy (like if they contained something like crackers.) So, I looked at my burner drip pans, and they were gross. I am embarrssed to show you all. I didn’t want to spend $20 on new ones, yet, I didn’t want to scrub for hours on end. I found a way to preserveRead More →

In the 1950s, people were now able to buy luxury items, the goal was this “American Dream.” The latest appliances were a status symbol to living the dream. Most of these women could remember a time when there were women using washboards, or other crazy contraptions.   Oh boy, when I was 18, everything went in the wash at once….my husband’s rough Army uniforms, my undergarments, sweaters….all of it was one load of laundry. Who cares right? We scarcely had money to eat let alone feed a washing machine quarters all day long in our apartment complex. Well, I began ruining clothes, in case youRead More →