Dinner party

Throwing a dinner party sounds like a daunting task, it sounds stressful, and if you are new to the idea, it may even sound scary. Don’t you worry, I have tips and tricks that will help you throw a wonderful dinner party. Invitations For a formal dinner, I recommend 3-6 weeks between the time the invitations go out and the date of the party. If it is informal, a few days to three weeks is sufficient. For a casual dinner party, e-mail and phone calls are acceptable ways to invite people. However, if this is a formal event, for the love of all things holy,Read More →

Thanksgiving nr

Thanksgiving If you are playing host for Thanksgiving, there is probably some stress on your plate. We ladies want everything to be perfect from the food, down to what napkins we use on our table. But, maybe while we are stressing about our perfect dishes, or our perfect center piece, we need to step back and remember what this is all about. Maybe, instead of politics we can skip the arguing. Perhaps, we can breathe just long enough to take in the simple joys of Thanksgiving. This Norman Rockwell painting above says it all. Mother and son, in the kitchen peeling potatoes. She looks onRead More →

Halloween party planning woman with good candy vintage

Halloween Party So, I like throwing parties, even if it is just for my kids. With Halloween coming,  I am beginning to plan. I want my kids to grow up with fond family memories. Sometimes, planning events can feel stressful. This is why I plan weeks in advance. Even for parties just for the kids. That way, it is just fun. I use Pinterest to plan. Click here to check out my Halloween Party 2017 board. To keep a budget, I set a spending limit IN THE BEGINNING. Once I decide on a budget, (and speak to my husband) I begin looking through all myRead More →