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Our toil in the kitchen can bring smile to every face in the family. I am going to bring you tried and true recipes as well as tips and tricks to making the most out of your time in the kitchen.


Making Your Own Cookie Cutters

Well, ladies, it’s that time of year. . .a time of baking madness. Often times, we find ways to cut cost around this time of year. A dollar here or there is a dollar...

cast iron pans 2

Cast Iron Cookware

For years, I had bought pots and pans only for them to last a few years before completely becoming useless. In 12 years of marriage I have had to have spent over $1000 on...



Until my son was born and decided that he fully disliked sleep, I was not much of a coffee drinker. Now, I am addicted. I never made a daily habit out of fancy coffees,...


Jello Cake

Every time I have a slice of jello cake, I think of my wonderful grandma Julie. She made it for me every single time we came to her house. It makes me smile just...

Meatloaf 2

Maker’s Mark Meatloaf

Hit the Mark Meatloaf is usually a dish every meat eating man loves. Many women have a particular recipe that is “theirs” when it comes to meatloaf. Last week, my husband was very busy...