Resolutions The New Year is often a time that we make resolutions, ones that don’t stick. Dig Deeper Let’s talk about what is on your heart right now. Let us dig deeper than losing 20 pounds. Many of us are unhappy with the world today. Terrorism has become so common place we scarcely blink when it hits the news. People are so glued to their phones that the human experience is being lost. I don’t wish to get too political here, but I am sure each of us can go on, at length, about our fears of raising children in this world. Whether or notRead More →

Soup for the sick natural remedies

A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down! But sometimes, we should be selective of what medicines we use because the side effects might not always be worth it. These go to natural remedies are quite useful. I chose to feature natural remedies that are inexpensive and most of these items are probably somewhere in your house (most being in the kitchen). Ah yes, as I watch my daughter suffer from a pretty terrible cold, a reader suggested I do a piece on home remedies for sickness. It is going around, and no matter how you wash up, or sanitize — chances areRead More →