A few weekends ago, I had a special opportunity and learning experience. My husband, our two year old son, and his father, went to a Seattle Mariners game and stayed the night in the city. So, my four year old daughter and I stayed home and I decided to spend some quality time with her. We went to the shopping mall, restaurants, a nice drive. During this time individually with each of our children, my husband and I both came back with a similar message. The children on their own are a bit different than when together, and it seems that the individual time weRead More →

You have surely seen my blog posts on self evaluation, self worth, regrowth vs reset, and New Year New Start. Each of those is meant to motivate us or give us a way to move forward. My Platform I have been very pensive about the platform I have to share my journey with others. My goal is to lead by example. I don’t do this to show off “how awesome I am.” I share all sides of my journey– success and failure– to share why this lifestyle, why my life choices are worth it to me. My hope is that by reading my blog postsRead More →

Opportunity Often times, humans are presented with opportunities. A new job, a new car, having babies, or other life changing events. Every movement through life presents a choice…presents opportunity. Life Changing Milestones I am 30 now. As you know, I got married at 18 and my husband was wounded when I was 19. There were certain milestones I crossed as an adult. I got counseling to find the confidence to let go of what other people wanted me to be, and gained then independence to decide how I wanted to move through life. I got counseling so I could learn how to help with andRead More →

  Self Worth Okay, I admit, I struggle with self worth and have from a young age. I will not explain how I got where I am. Dwelling on such things is honestly how I got here. I am not a very confident woman in many areas. Let me be honest here and say this trait bothers my husband. It bothers him that he has such a good wife who fails to see her own goodness, and chooses to only focus on her short comings. It has even gone as far as to anger him.  (There are no images in this blog post for aRead More →

Rising from the Ashes Rising Who I am, where I stand now is not where I always was. I have risen from the ashes of a life that fell apart. I have risen from massive struggles of my husband coming home the way he did. Blaming God When he came home, I lost the Lord somewhere on this journey. Instead of leaning on Him, I grew further away. I can remember the countless fights. He was just so angry. It made me angry. I remember begging God to do something. Maybe that is why I lost Him. But the reality was: WE needed to doRead More →

I mentioned this series would be difficult. This poem was written when we were in a dark place. I am here to share my journey and my heart. This poem was never perfect, but it allowed me to release. It now allows me to show you reality for a combat vet and his family. I just cried reading it. Return to Me Maybe in another life I could find him there…. The man that came home was different, a thousand yard stare. I see him in my dreams. His smile and heart had me bursting at the seams. The man I married was murdered inRead More →

PTSD According to the PTSD VA website, PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) is a mental health problem that some people develop after experiencing or witnessing a life-threatening event, like combat, a natural disaster, a car accident, or sexual assault. To many people, those are just words. But to others, this is a daily reality. Who He Was When I met my husband in 2007, he was bright, outgoing, full of aspirations. His green eyes were as bright as could be. I still remember the day he left. I remember sitting in our truck for a long, long time…sobbing. Reality of a 15 month deployment smacked meRead More →

This is a several part series designed to highlight the struggles of combat veterans and their (and their family’s) re-adjustment into civilian life. Also, we discuss what helped change my husband for the better. Even if you are not married to some one suffering PTSD, it is important that we spouses get to know what makes our husband tick, what drives them forward, what scares them. By knowing and caring about these things, it will bring you closer. Part 1: How we Got Here Being married to a combat veteran has to be one of the most difficult challenges in my life. Difficult does notRead More →

Nutrition vintage scale

Okay ladies, listen up. We are going to talk about how nutrition affects you, why proper nutrition is important as a woman, wife, caregiver, or mother. My Knowledge of Nutrition Let me be straight with you. I didn’t grow up with any sense of nutrition. I grew up in a household that thought it was okay to eat cookies and milk as a VALID breakfast. At any given time, there were probably 6 boxes of cereal in the house. We did have to eat what was on our plate and had to ask to have pop, which we didn’t have often. We also did eatRead More →


Ladies, I was verily assured in mid January that my pointsettia plant was dead. Every single leaf yellowed and died. I left it on a shelf while waiting for the right box for  to put it in for the trash, and something magical happened. Leaves began to grow. It reminded me of life. How often do we wish we could just live whilst holding a reset button? How often do we wish we could take something back, or do something different? How often do we feel pain or regret from the past?   Reset However, in life there is no magical reset button to takeRead More →