Man leading his family

Letting Him Be a Man So, after last week, you may be asking, “Well, how do I let my husband lead? How do I let my man be…a man?” Today, I offer my perspective, and a male perspective other than my husband, to broaden the conversation on the subject. Paul uses Facebook to discuss topics relating to the traditional lifestyle, along with searching for the love of a traditional Catholic woman. He had some very interesting insights to the male mind. So…listen up ladies! I have to remind you again, I am still on this journey, and I’m not perfect, but there are some idealsRead More →

Letting the Man Lead,

Let Him Lead…it’s a Dance The following metaphorical example is a very powerful example to me about marriage. A maritial relationship is a dance. A pair steps in time, trusting the other to stick to their own moves and not step on the other’s feet. One takes the lead while the other follows. Dancing is an act of two people working together, both with different functions. However, they are equally important. Traditionally, the man will lead the dance. And, so should it be in life. I think what some people aren’t understanding is that letting your man lead actually empowers you as a woman. ThisRead More →

Creating A Meaningful Schedule Schedule? What schedule? You wouldn’t know it now, but I used to see scheduling as unimportant. I just….did things. There was no order. There was no plan. There was no consistent schedule. Now, I look back at my former self and shake my head. As the proud mother of 2, I suddenly realized I was always off task, nothing was ever completely finished, I was always scrambling. Something had to change.  I began scheduling my chores and my events. A traditional housewife in the 1950’s was respected in her home for her all important role of not only caring for her familyRead More →