A few weekends ago, I had a special opportunity and learning experience. My husband, our two year old son, and his father, went to a Seattle Mariners game and stayed the night in the city. So, my four year old daughter and I stayed home and I decided to spend some quality time with her. We went to the shopping mall, restaurants, a nice drive. During this time individually with each of our children, my husband and I both came back with a similar message. The children on their own are a bit different than when together, and it seems that the individual time weRead More →

I have been married for what will be 12 years in May of 2019. I have had many experiences in my marriage that sometimes take couples an entire lifetime to sift through. When we got married we were very close. He and I were inseparable. When he came home from Iraq, he changed. Please see my posts on A Journey Through Struggle Part 1, Part 2, Part 3,  and Part 4 for more details on my journey. I am going to gloss over quite a bit of it, and talk about one major point here. REKINDLING THE FLAME. What Exactly Causes a Flame to go Out orRead More →

effects of complaining in marriage

I Had to Be Still I had to be still and pray for a moment today before writing this blog post. This post is based on an event that occured in my life today. Sometimes, as women, we need to just be still and watch what unfolds around us. My husband and I are volunteering for Veterans Community Response. My husband serves as a peer mentor, and I help in the kitchen feeding all the hungry veterans. (To learn more about what Veterans Community Response does, please visit vetcomres.org.) Now, that I have found clarity, I will share my lesson on the effects of complainingRead More →

language of love

According to Gary Chapman, author of the 5 Languages of Love, there are five ways people show love. What of this is your Language of Love? Gift Giving Physical Touch Quality Time Acts of Service Words of Devotion   As a couple, it is important that we recognize our partner’s Love Language. Here is a great video on Love Language by Iyanla Vanzant, a renowned Life Coach. Speaking Different Languages This brings me to my next point. Many masculine males function on Acts of Service as their language of love. My husband is one of those people, especially since he came home from Iraq. IRead More →

Submission…Cringe Worthy? Submission–the very word makes some people cringe in this day and age. To each couple, submission can look different. To some it extends into the bedroom, to put it mildly. Of course, I am not here to discuss matters of the bedroom. Those types of things should remain private. To others, it is Biblical or spiritual. The practice of submitting to a husband is, by many accounts, “outdated.” My view was shaped by my upbringing and personal choices. I watched what relationships flowed naturally and which ones did not. I saw the impact of dominant women upon men and family. I felt theRead More →

Too busy, needs help

Responsibility Often times, I find myself caught up in a whirlwind of responsibility. Wife…caregiver…mother…chef…chauffer…the list goes on. I am sure many of my followers, even you, find yourself in the same boat from time to time. Sometimes, I get so caught up in all my responsibilities that I don’t enjoy life to its fullest. I lose sight of the things I should cherish. There are times, I feel like I am drowning with no one to throw me a life line. In some marriages, the husband provides said lifeline. Yes, sometimes there are things my husband does to help. However, with his injuries, there isRead More →

Graceful woman

A GRACIOUS woman is a GRATEFUL woman. Definition and Intersection Gracious is defined as courteous, kind, and pleasant. Grateful is another word for thankful. Let us take a moment to reflect on how those two intersect. Going through life graciously allows a woman to find the positive in everything. This attitude in life makes us as women shine with grace. To take this down to a personal level, I am a very busy woman: wife, caregiver, mother of 2, and now watch an infant child five days a week. Many of you know this, but I say this for the sake of my new readers.Read More →

1940s clock

Most of my followers have children. It seems to be impossible to get anywhere on time. Yes, I am guilty, but only occasionally. Today we are talking about PUNCTUALITY, or, being on time. My husband drilled some of his military experience into my head. Haha! The motto is “If you aren’t 5 minutes early, you are late.” For a while, I resisted this “nonsense”.  But then, having children changed that for me. I needed to be places for them, or they would miss out. Besides, I became rather sick of arguing with my husband because I didn’t have my “sh*t together.”So, I made some majorRead More →

Taking it personally

Quite often, I like to write articles that are packed with emotion, ones that are from the heart. No, not all of these articles are about house and home, but what we as women can do — even within ourselves — to improve happiness in the home. A happy home is absolutely not negotiable when it comes to good ol’ fashioned homemaking. So, let us jump right in. Taking it Personally Have you ever taken personally your husband’s attitude and made things much worse, only to later find out that he was never mad at you in the first place? Chances are, you have. HearRead More →

Stressed? Practice Self Care

Physical Effects Stress — your muscles become tense, your breath quickens, your heart beats harder, your hormones go crazy, your appetite changes, maybe some heart burn and stomach problems…the list of effects continues on. (Please see The American Psychological Association for more specifics.) Let’s face it, none of those effects sound ideal. And….they aren’t ideal. I have felt the effects of stress. I have seen what it can do to a marriage. I have seen what it can do to your own being, as a woman. I have seen how it can affect your family and the way you interact with them. Before I getRead More →