Yum! There is nothing like making a family recipe. When I was a child, she always had a loaf ready for me when I came over. I always added a nice glob of butter to the bread and let it melt over the warmth of it. MMMMMMM!!!! Today, I want to keep her memory alive by sharing her recipe with you. Sure, it may not be anything too special or unique, but it means the world to me. Plus, you will certainly agree that it is delicious. If you want to try another of her go to recipes check out her jello cake. If youRead More →

Sourdough Starter Sourdough bread is an intimidating bread to make, but I tried my hand at. I did it! However, before we get to that, we ought to start from the beginning. What is the beginning, you ask? A starter. This is not like using bottled yeast. This is capturing yeast out of the air!  I tried a few different combinations to make my own starter, and believe I have found the most simple and effective method.  Yeast is naturally occurring all around us. I tried several different methods, but finally found one that is most tolerable and forgiving. It is simple, but takes time. Read More →