Busy Little Hands

Doing crafts with the kids is always fun! I try to have craft time at least twice a week these days! This week we are doing sun catchers as well as a toilet paper roll snowman. When it comes to craft time, I don’t always have the time to cut out pieces and parts to do all sorts of intricate things! On hand, I like to have a kit or two.

Go To Places for Craft Ideas

Pinterest is often my go to place to look for craft ideas. Be sure to follow me on these social media channels to keep up with me! (You can find me by clicking the social media icons at the bottom of the website.) I have saved a ton of great ideas on pinterest!

Back to crafting…

Benefits of Crafting with Kids

Studies show that doing crafts with kids increases dexterity, hand eye coordination, and more. Plus, I am not going to lie! It is wonderful to do crafts with the kids, even if it gets messy! If you would like to read more about the benefits of doing crafts with your kids, check this resource out!

amazon window craft kit

I purchased this window art kit on Amazon for less than $15!* For this price, we can complete 12 different sun catchers. It includes paint and brushes as well! Furthermore, it comes with suction cups and fishing line to hang them! They turned out really well! The designs are really fun and are already having me think about Spring. Okay, maybe it was the sun that was out while I was writing this blog post.

Crafting does not have to be expensive. It does not have to be a perfect experience! In these times, I understand that a lot of people are facing financial hardships. Making memories and helping your children’s motor skills is the key takeaway here. Look, I have used old buttons, toilet paper rolls, fabric scraps, paper plates, and more! Speaking of toilet roll crafts, check out my bird feeder craft for kids! Look around your house for scraps. If you don’t have any, check out The Spruce’s blog on free craft supplies.


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