Blueland: Update–Not Happy

Quite a few months ago, I did a blog post on Blueland cleaner vs Truman cleaners. I was initially very impressed by Blueland Cleaners. But now, I am back to tell a sad truth. I am no longer impressed. There were several issues leading up to this blog post.

Forever bottles? Not so much.

The “forever” bottles that were designed to reduce waste were more fragile then they appear. They seem so stout and sturdy. Simply tip it over on a counter and it’s liable to crack. However, I contacted Blueland and was assured that they were aware of the problem. Finally, after my 12th bottle, the hassle of returning said bottles, I sent them a thoughtful email. I explained my hassle, the plastic waste they are trying to avoid. In return, I got a thoughtful email. It sounded like they really cared. It detailed, honestly, the way that they did not realize the manufacturing defect until it was already in consumers’ hands. From there, the email went on to say that they are working diligently on a solution that would be available soon. They offered even to send me the new bottles free of charge!

Except….none of this ever happened. It has been over one year since that email. Since then, they have come out with new hand soap scents and worked with designers to make cute hand soap bottles. Yet, they have not addressed the bottle situation.

Note the bottle design, the seam around the collar. This is an extreme weak point.

Yet again, each of my bottles are broken. Often, these products come to my door with areas that leak. As you can see here in this photograph, this bottle was created with three pieces: the nozzle part, the 1st plastic section, and the second plastic section. This seam leaks from the factory, in my experience, 2 of 3 times. I have taped bottles as they continue to crack and leak.

These are images from Reddit and other places on the internet of individuals reporting the same issues I have faced.

Broken at the collar
Another instance of a broken bottle

Product Itself

I still like the product itself. I have continued using their monthly tablet subscription to save money on products. However, I believe that I will be cancelling this subscription and looking elsewhere for earth friendly cleaning products and bottles. I feel as though, if they really cared about the consumer, the earth, and the product that they put on the market, this issue would have been fully addressed at this point.


Well, folks, I hate to say it, but I am going to have to move on from Blueland as I no longer feel this excess in plastic waste and hassle has been addressed. The manufacturer is having to scale up production instead of truly creating a long lasting product. I want to be 100% clear with you, my followers, that I will always be honest when it comes to reviews. I really loved the idea of Blueland, but the execution of the goals that the business had in mind have a lot of growing to do.

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