Blueland Cleaners vs. Truman’s

These days, it is hard to find cleaners on local store shelves.

empty store shelves

So, I turned to the products that are advertised on the internet and television. For this post, I used both Truman’s and Blueland cleaners. Though I will share with you all the websites options, we will be comparing the Blueland Clean Essentials kit and the Truman starter cleaning kit. I am here to break down the pros and cons of each company, and announce who I think is the winner.

Ordering and Pricing

Going online to order both products was very easy. Their websites are easy to navigate and well organized. You can visit Blueland here, and Truman’s here.

Blueland Cleaning Kit Options

Blueland Cleaning products
Clean Suite
  • 1 glass foaming handsoap with tablet
  • 3 acrylic spray bottles and 3 tablets (mulit-surface, window, bathroom)
  • 1 silicone dish soap shaker and 16 oz powder dish soap
  • 1 steel dishwasher tablet bin and 40 dishwasher tablets
  • 1 steel laundry tablet tins and 40 laundry tablets

Price: $83

Routine Clean
  • 1 Glass foaming handsoap bottle and 1 handsoap tablet
  • 1 Acrylic spray bottle and 1 multi-surface cleaning tablet
  • 1 silicone dish soap shaker and 16 oz powder dishsoap
  • 1 steel laundry tablet tin and 40 laundry tablets

Price: $50

The Every Day Clean
  • 3 acrylic spray bottles and 3 cleaning tablets (multi-surface, glass/mirror, bathroom)
  • One glass foaming handsoap bottle and 1 hand soap tablet
  • 1 steel dishwasher tablet tin and 40 dishwasher tablets
  • 1 silicone dish soap shaker and 16 oz powdered dish soap

Price: $69

The Clean Essentials
  • 3 acrylic spray bottles and 3 tablets (multi-surface, glass/mirror, bathroom)
  • One glass foaming hand soap bottle and 1 foaming hand soap tablet

Price: $39

Handsoap Duo:
  • 2 signature glass bottles
  • 6 (3 different) foaming handsoap tablets

Price: $30

The Clean Up Kit
  • 3 acrylic spray bottles and 3 tablets (multi-surface cleaner, glass/mirror cleaner, bathroom cleaner)

Price: $29

The Dish Duo:
  • 1 reusable silicone shaker and 16 oz of powder dish soap
  • 1 reusable steel tin and 40 dishwasher tablets

Price: $34

Truman’s Cleaners

Home Care Membership
  • 30 bars of dishwasher detergent
  • 30 bars of laundry detergent
  • 6 bars of toilet bowl cleanser

Price: $38.50

Dish and Toilet Membership
  • 30 dishwasher bars, 12 toilet bars

Price: $33.50

Toilet and Laundry Membership Bundle
  • 30 laundry bars
  • 12 toilet bars

Price: $33.50

Surface Care Starter Kit
Truman Cleaning Kit with cartridges of cleaners, sponges, and towels
  • 4 spray bottles
  • Glass, multisurface cleaner, shower cleaner, floor cleaners
  • 6 Truman sponges
  • 8 Truman Towels


What I Purchased

From Truman’s, I purchased what once was the Surface Care Starter Kit. (Disclosure: Mine did not come with the sponges or the towels.) The product I ordered came in a simple box with 4 spray bottles and 4 plastic cleaner cartridges. This kit cost $27 at the time. Now, the starter kit costs $38.75.

Comparably, from Blueland I purchased The Clean Essentials. As mentioned it came with 3 acrylic spray bottles, 3 tablets (multi-surface, glass/mirror, bathroom),one glass foaming hand soap bottle and 1 foaming hand soap tablet. This kit cost $39.

So, today, we will be comparing these two companies similar kits.

Company Mission Statements

Reduce reuse recycle plastic cleaning bottles

Blueland has a mission statement of eliminating the need for disposable plastics. In fact, from personal experience, I know they are so absolutely committed to proper recycling and care of plastic. I dropped my glass cleaner spray bottle on the floor yesterday because my hands were wet. The sprayer portion of the bottle broke. I texted Blueland support and they offered to send me a new one, under the condition that I send the old one back so that they could personally ensure it was properly recycled.

Truman’s mission statement can be found here. They are desinged around the idea of making cleaning simple, and reducing the amount of cleaners that clutter your cabinets. They also send reusable bottles with the starter kit, lessening plastic waste.

Both companies boast non-toxic formulas that are good for the family and the environment.

The Bottles

Blueland open box cleaners

I really can’t say enough about the Blueland spray bottles. They are incredibly sturdy, thick acrlylic bottles. The sprayer nozzles are a nice sturdy build as well. However, yes, I broke a nozzle dropping a bottle. As mentioned above, I messaged Blueland and told them exactly what happened and they offered to send me a new one as long as I promised to return the old one in the same box for proper recycling.

Truman Cleaners
I am missing the floor cleaner from this photo, but as you can see I put Truman’s through the paces, using all the bottles at the time of writing this blog post

The Truman’s brand bottles are incredibly thin. I found that they easily dented along the bottom. You can see this on my floor and glass cleaner (the orange and blue bottles). This did not affect functionality. However, I assumed that if a company wished me not to throw a plastic bottle away, they would make it a lasting bottle. They also at one point sent me a replacement bottle. It arrived very quickly. So, this was a plus for good customer service.

The true winner here is Blueland, the bottles are much, much sturdier.

The Tablets and the Cartridges

First, lets talk about the “refills” from an eco-friendly standpoint. Blueland offers tablets that dissolve in water. The tablets come in what appears to be an easily bio-degradable paper. This leaves virtually zero waste. The tablets take a few minutes to dissolve. This is a downside, but to me, not that big of one. The mess can wait a few moments can’t it?

Truman’s product comes in a plastic cartridge. While it looks cool when it empties the colorful product into the bottle, it still leaves plastic waste once the cartridges were gone. So, the advantage here goes to Blueland for its eco-friendly initiative. Though the plastic is recyclable, it is very difficult to do effectively. Read more on the difficulty of recycling plastic here. To be honest, I learned a lot about recycling writing this post.

Truman Cartridge for cleaners
Truman’s Shower Cleaner Cartridge

Cost is always such a large consideration when making a repeating or subscription purchase. The Blueland Clean Essentials Kit Refills come monthly. However, there are other subscription timing options. It includes a glass cleaner tablet, a multi-surface cleaner tablet, a bathroom cleaner tablet, and a foaming soap refill tablet. In all, this costs me $7.20 per month. This comes out to $1.80 per product. Truman’s used to have a variety pack refill, but as of today, I no longer see that option on their website. They offer refill pack for $18. Each pack has 4 cartridges. That means the up front cost to refill all of your bottles is going to be a considerably higher, especially if you buy one of each kind. Breaking it down to a “per-item” cost, you are looking at $4.50 per cartridge.

Truman’s spray cleaners do not offer a subscription service at this time. They do offer subscriptions with some other products. Blueland offers a set and forget subscription service. This is certainly helpful when I have 8 billion other things on my mind!

When it comes to refills, Blueland is a clear winner.

Using the Cleaners

I will say that all of the cleaners did a good job of cleaning. Using a Truman’s spray bottle for floor cleaner with the amount of flooring that I must clean with a mop became impractical. I went through the product much too quickly for this method to make sense. For those with very little tile or laminate flooring in their home, this might actually be a nice option.

As far as scent goes, I am going to have to award this one to Blueland. Their multisurface cleaner smelled like fresh lemons more than chemical lemons. I find that I really enjoy the fresh clean scent of all of their cleaners once I am finished cleaning a room.

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Product Selection: Blueland cleaners offers more plans tailored to your needs

Eco-friendliness: Blueland offers a product that causes less environmental waste.

Product sturdiness: Blueland offers bottles that truly will last a very long time.

Customer Service: I have gotten a replacement bottle from both companies, and both were very helpful on this matter. So, its a TIE on this one

Refills: Due to pricing being much lower, and a set and forget subscription, Blueland wins this one.

Product use: Its a tie, they both worked equally well.

By the way, when you are done cleaning, treat yourself to some of my delicious Pumpkin Thumbprint Cookies. (Maybe make these while you clean so you can sit down and enjoy these in peace.)

Results: Blueland is a bang for your buck cleaning solution that is not only good for you, but it is good for the world we live in.

Share your thoughts on either of these cleaners in the comments below. Let me know what you think!

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