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Life is always so full of change, isn’t it? So, I have some great news. Our family will be undertaking long term travel starting in the beginning of August. We will be traveling to long term Air B and B’s, and exploring our great country. As homeschooling parents, this offers us a unique opportunity to explore each region of the United States-various cultures that make up our melting pot! We will be trying different Air B and B’s, restaurants, and experiences in each place that we go. I will be sharing all of that with you on our journey.

Grandma’s Recipe Drawer

Alright, next bit of news! Each week, I will be featuring a recipe from my late Grandmother’s recipe drawer to share with the world. Some of these recipes are written on scratch paper and some are old newspaper cut outs! Come explore these recipes with me on Tik-Tok. My handle is @thestronghomemaker. However, there are more ways that you can enjoy these recipes. If you sign up for my Patreon, you can enjoy extra benefits! For $10 a month, you will have access to online typed versions of the recipes. With $15 a month, you will get that PLUS 4 of Grandma’s Recipe Drawer cards mailed to you every month! For $50 a month, you will receive all of the previous tiers benefits, PLUS a Strong Homemaker branded apron, a recipe box to store your recipes, and a new, mystery Pampered Chef item every month to add to your kitchen!

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